Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun With OGC + Update

Art is ... not an area in which I excel. Ordinarily, my inability to draw a line with a ruler is not a huge hindrance. As I plan what I want to accomplish with this blog, my sub-par artistic abilities are becoming an issue. It is less of an issue when preparing a free blog post. It only becomes an issue when I want to attach a monetary value to something I create. Including appealing art is a major component of publishing a professional product. Because I cannot provide it for myself, I must seek outside sources.

There is public domain art. Actually, there is a lot of public domain art. There is so much public domain art that it is difficult to find relevant material for what I want to accomplish. If I continue searching there is a good chance of finding something, however, the process is very time consuming. There is also the issue that even when the image may be used free of charge I may need to acquire model or location releases. Any public domain piece I want to use requires a painstaking vetting process if I want to avoid legal issues.

Instead of investing the time in public domain art I can simply commission art. There are amazing artists on DA who are affordable, however, even affordable art can become pricey quickly. Given that most of my current ideas are OpenD6 centric, I am concerned that spending money on art could become a good way to loose a lot of money.

There is also the option of going art-free. Cost is no longer an issue this way. There is no chance of choosing a copyrighted picture that was mislabeled public domain. While it might be the most affordable and safe path it is also the most boring.

I am currently debating which path to take. Once I decide, I will be able to create a more coherent plan for this blog.


I have been working on the Character A Day project. I currently have several dozen sketched out. All that remains is to fully flesh them out before posting. I want to have several weeks of material before I start posting. Because of how involved the character creation process can be, the only way to go a year without missing a day is to plan ahead.

I am working on several OpenD6 projects. They are still in the early stages. When they are more developed I will announce them.

Crappy Pic of Guy at Computer, copyright July 27th, 2011. No Dan's Land. Daniel Loyd (The pic is designated as OGC. It's really too bad for keeping as IP.)

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