Monday, August 8, 2011

First Sketch Returned

Along the way, my plans for this blog changed. A simple blog where I could create interesting character builds was the extent of my ambition. Had I not read Blue Max's blog, it is very likely my plans would have remained unchanged.

Blue Max is a start-up OpenD6 designer and creator of the upcoming "Black Desert" hard science setting. Many of his ship designs are for sale on RPGNow, and I strongly recommend any fan of OpenD6 investigating his work further. His products are of very high quality, but I would rather save an in-depth discussion of his work for a proper review. As I investigated his work, I was drawn to his posts that detailed his design process. He describes how he was able to utilize an affordable publishing process to create an indie studio and then encourages others to do the same.

After reading his post, I couldn't shake the idea that publishing an OpenD6 supplement of my own was more than a daydream. Sensing that publishing had become a tangible possibility. I started the early phases of writing an Alien sourcebook. I then contacted an artist.

I have just received any early sketch for one of the aliens. I am thrilled by the work, and promise to post a playtest version of one of the aliens once the commissions are paid for and distribution rights secured. My job involves artistic copyrights so I intend to be a stickler for attribution and rights.

I look forward to giving another update on the project soon.

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