Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Design Strategy

1. I do not want to do a campaign setting (for the moment)

Blue Max is working on "The Black Desert" and Port Nova Media has already released "Astral Empire". Beyond OpenD6Space, there are also several other settings out, or planned, for Adventure and Fantasy. All of these settings are really new. Creating another setting risks diluting the market at a time when products with potential are just being established. I would rather avoid any accidental overlap and allow for them to grow naturally. If, down the road, I am confidant that I have an idea for a setting that is thematically distinct I would consider working on the project. Until then, I wish everyone else the best of luck with their own projects.

2. I want to avoid product line overlap

Annoyingly enough, Blue Max has been producing high quality ships. I would ordinarily be drawn to working on projects with a technical theme, however, it would be difficult for me to design such intricate ships. Blue Max's grasp on science and engineering really imbues the ships with a sense of realism. I don't have the same background. Ships I design would likely be less interesting. Choosing to work on an alien supplement first allows me to exist in my own space. After that, I want to mine my years of running d6 for some adventure supplements.

3. I want to stick to core OpenD6

While the various alternate d6 systems released under the OGL are interesting and provide useful rules revisions, I want to release products that are accesible to all OpenD6 Space players. Working in the core system allows my products to be universal.

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